(3) CORDLESS PHONE BATTERIES: REPLACES: Replaces: AT&T SB67040/AT-T/Lucent 3101/ AT-T/Lucent 3111/Clarity 50613.002/Clarity BT284342/Clarity D603/Clarity D613/ Clarity D613HS/ G. E. 25210/ G. E. 25250/ G. E. H5250/ G. E. H5401/G.E. 28223EE2/ GE 28811FE2/ General Electric 27902/ General Electric 27909/ General Electric 27911/General Electric 27950/General Electric 27951/General Electric 27955, General Electric 52734/GP GP70AAAH2BMJZR/Motorola B8/Motorola B801/Motorola B802/Motorola B803/Motorola B804/Motorola K3/Motorola K301/ Motorola K302/Motorola K303/Motorola K304/Motorola K305/Motorola L301/ Motorola L302/Motorola L303/Motorola L304/Motorola L305/Motorola L4/Motorola L401/Motorola L402/Motorola L402C/MotorolaL403/ MotorolaL403C/ Motorola L404 Motorola L404C /MotorolaL902/ Motorola L903/ Motorola L904/ Motorola L905 /Motorola P8 /Motorola S801/ Motorola S802/ Motorola S803/ Motorola S804/ Motorola T31/ Motorola T3101/ Motorola T3151/ Philips SJB2121/ Radio Shack 23-546 /Radio Shack 23-930/ RCA 25210/ RCA 25250/ RCA 25255/ RCA 25423/ RCA 25424/RCA 25425 /RCA 27902/RCA 27909/ RCA 27911/ RCA 52734/ RCA H5401/ RCA May-34 Sanik/ 2SNAAA70HSJ1/ Sony 6030/ Sony 6031/ Sony 6032/ Sony 6041/ Sony 6042/ Sony 6043/ Sony 6051/ Sony 6052/ Sony 6053/ Sony 8300/ Uniden BBTG0743001 /Uniden BT1018/ Uniden BT1022/ Uniden D2280/ Uniden D3280/ Uniden D3288 /Uniden DCX220 /Uniden DCX320/ Uniden DCX330/ Uniden DCX400/ Uniden DECT3380/ Uniden DECT4086/ Uniden DECT4096/ Uniden DRX332/ Uniden DWX337/VTech 80-1326-00-00/ VTech 80-1330-01-00/VTech 8913260000/VTech 8913300100/VTech DS6301/VTech DS6321/VTech DS6322/VTech LS6204/VTech LS6245/Vtech BT283342/Vtech DS6311

  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • 2.4 Volts
  • 750mAh
  • 1.75″L x 0.88″W x 0.38″H
  • 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty

(3) Empire Brand CPH-515D 1 X 2AAA with D Connector 2.4 Volts 750mAh Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries. 1.75 Inches Length x 0.88 Inches Width x 0.38 Inches Height.

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