58mm 2.2x Super Telephoto Lens (Stronger Alternative To Olympus TCON-17) + Stepping Ring 55mm-58mm + 55mm 3 Piece Filter Kit, Includes Ultraviolet, Polarizer & Fluorescent + Nwv Direct 5 Piece Cleaning Kit

  • The Titanium Optics multi-coated 2.2X lens for 58mm & 55mm diameter is a professional grade, telephoto converter that increases the angle of view by more than double, allowing the video or digital camera to take breathtaking long distance shots.
  • This high-speed, fully automatic lens features multicoated optical glass, Day or Night Vision, Infrared Compatibility.
  • The lens attaches easily and directly to any camera or camcorder with a 58mm or 55mm filter thread. An appropriate stepping ring will allow it to work with cameras having other size threads.
  • 55mm Multi Threaded, Multi Coated 3 Piece Filter Kit, Includes UV, Polarizer & Fluorescent
  • 5 Piece Nwv Direct Cleaning Kit

Lens: Power: 2.2x times conversion factor of your current lens setting., Optical System: Conversion type; mounts on front of existing lens., Mounting System:Screw type in front of existing camera lens into the filter accessory threads., Optics: Designed to maximize use day and night with coated optics to provide maximum image transmission with minimum distortion., Auto Focus:Utilizes camera auto focus system., Adaptability: Maintains all the camera functions plus it provides 2.2X telephoto lens

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Price: $ 99.00

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