Apps Locker Guide

  • Apps Locker Guide
  • The Locker Project is open source software under development for users to record their ”digital wake”[1] – the sites they visit, the purchases they make, and various other activities that they engage in. Startup Singly is funding development of Locker, in the belief that third-party developers will build apps on top of Locker, such as recommender systems.[2]
  • Singly was founded by Jeremie Miller, creator of XMPP, Jason Cavnar and Simon Murtha-Smith. Matt Zimmerman, former CTO of Ubuntu, has joined Singly and is the CTO.[3]
  • Locker is free software under a BSD license.
  • In this App you can see this topic.
  • 1. Alternatives to the iPhone Passcode Lock
  • 2. How Can I Transfer iPhone LockBox Data to My PC
  • 3. How to Change The iPhone Auto lock Time
  • 4. How to Download the Android Lock Without Cydia
  • 5. How to Hide Files on an iPhone
  • 6. How to Hide a Photo in an IPad
  • 7. How to Lock a File in an iPhone
  • 8. How to Lock iPhoto Albums
  • 9. How to Password Protect Apps On An iPad
  • 10. How to Password Protect Photos on an iPhone With Cydia
  • 11. How to Prevent the Rearrangement of Icons on an iPhone
  • 12. How to Remove an AT&T App Lock
  • 13. How to Set a Phone Lock or Password on iPhone 3G
  • 14. How to Use a School Locker
  • 15. Is There an App That Keeps Your WiFi Running When on Lockscreen
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