Bluetooth Multimedia Remote – For Tablets, iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 – Works With iOS & Android – Controls Camera Video Music & Siri – Place Your Smart Phone Anywhere – 2 Year Guarantee

  • Take the perfect cell selfie: get involved in the shot without your arm being in the way of your cell phone.
  • Play all your favourite music from a player such as iTunes – control volume and track selection while hanging out and dancing with your friends.
  • With full wireless Bluetooth Qualification Expert (BQE) certification, this product has a Bluetooth 3.0 HID Class II profile. The licence means the remote will work with Siri, iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and OSX (iMac, Macbook), or Android (Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG) and Blackberry operating systems: your multimedia remote is going to work every time keeping your experience of your device seamless.
  • Lithium battery included: Take this remote out of its box and start using immediately. The battery will last up to 6 months meaning that you can take this remote anywhere and the battery will not run out until you have made tens of thousands of memories with pictures.
  • Full instructions and support to help you pair your smart phone, table, phablet or laptop quickly and easily. Use the LED to tell you when you are connected so you can enjoy this device with your friends and family.

Do You Want Perfect Selfies? Want To Control Your Music Without Holding Your Cell Phone?

Try this Bluetooth Multimedia Remote.

Connect Gadgets

For iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad), OSX (iMac, Macbook), Android or Blackberry operating systems. You might change your device but not this remote – saving money.

Take Pictures And Video

Place device anywhere to take perfect selfies – you will not be restricted by your arm length. Make memories e

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Price: $ 22.77

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