Cell Phone Wall Charger compatible with Nokia 2320 classic

  • North America Standard Input: AC 110-220V | Output: DC 4.5V-9.5V, Max 800mA.
  • Smart I/C Chip technology prevents your phone and battery against overcharging.
  • LED indicator lights up when charger is ready and powered.
  • Rapid charges the battery & provides unlimited talk time while plugged into a power source.
  • A charging solution for home, office, or travel. Simply plug this charger into a wall outlet and it will charge your handset battery instantly.

With fast growing popularity of the modern smart phones, battery life has become a real concern to many users. Due to the limitless functionality of a cellular phone, oftentimes, its battery could get drained out very quickly just within hours! In situations like that, a cell phone charger could be very important and this is the reason why YOU need MORE THAN ONE cell phone chargers! A SPARE cell phone charger has never been so crucial! With our PREMIUM affordable cell phone charger, you can prac

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