Facleta GPS Watch GPS Tracker Smart Watch GSM Position GPRS Tracker MIC SOS Bluetooth Watch for Kids and Old Call 3 Family Numbers for The Child The Old(Silver)

  • 3 SOS Buttons to set three numbers to make emergency calls(three right keys corresponding to the three numbers,press each key 3 seconds in standby mode)
  • Child Anti-loss with LBS Positioning track the location of the person wearing the smart watch(when texting or Calling to the smart watch, a message will be received with website for location )
  • Timely Watch tracker support SMS/GPRS/TCP/UDP,children;elderly care;personal management
  • Location Based service(LBS)+GPS double real time tracking solution
  • Free PC based tracking software;Web on line tracking server;Can be remote freely without bother user

type:WATCH GPS Tracker





GPS Accuracy:5-15M


Location Based service(LBS)+GPS double real time tracking solution

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List Price: $ 199.99

Price: $ 123.99

Mini GPRS GSM Tracker car Vehicle SMS Real Time Network Monitor tracking locator check position take care kid and old people

  • GSM frequency bands: 850M/900M/1800/1900M, world-wide;Telecommunications base station positioned, error 50-100 meters, so the more intensive base, the better the accuracy, otherwise the lower accuracy;
  • Web search platform free lifetime use; you can go here to try: website:www.gps588.com Admin: 5220101197; Password: 123456; Login for users to select IMEI
  • Monitor function: call locator phone number, 3 seconds automatically answer, you can hear the locator 10 meters surrounding sound through the phone, understand the surrounding environment information to facilitate tracking;
  • Size: 4.4X3.7X1.2CM; Weight: 26g; Built-in battery: lithium polymer battery, charging time can work every two days;
  • Historical trajectory queries: support for 60 days track playback;

1.Power:Long press the power button , the LED flashes three times , the device is turned
2.Shutdown:Long press the power button , the light flashed,equipment shutdown
3.SMS positioning:Send SMS 6660000 to the device in the phone number,reply device current position,while recovery map links
4.Dial location:Dial equipment in the phone number, hang up after dialing,the device can automatically reply to the current location,and map links reply;
5.Set and cancel the electronic fence:L

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List Price: $ 65.00

Price: $ 37.80

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