Feelglad (TM) 8 Pin to Sd Card Micro Sd Card and USB 3 in 1 Camera Connection Kit Card Reader for Ipad 4/ Ipad Air / Ipad Air 2/ Ipad Mini 1 / Ipad Mini 2/ Ipad Mini 3 -Retail Packaging -White

  • 3 in 1 Card Reader: Micro SD, SD and USB stick.Support IOS8 systems.
  • Does not work with iPhones, iTouch, stick pro duo, Flash drives, HC SD cards, PNY, Sony Memory Cards
  • Work with iPad mini iPad mini 2 iPad mini 3 iPad 4 and iPad air iPad air 2
  • Support transferring JPG format photos only
  • When you plug your memory device into the reader ,if you get a error message saying “Accessory not supported” This is standard. Just click “ok” and ignore it.


3 in 1 card reader for your iPad mini iPad mini 2 iPad mini 3 iPad 4 and iPad air iPad air 2

Can read photos from your SD card, Micro SD card, USB stick and directly from your digital camera

Make sure all pics end in the .jpg extension (NOT .jpeg)

Connect the card reader to your iPad or iPad mini.

Create DCIM folder and place all pictures in that file before trying to transfer.

Reader can only transfer photos from memory device on

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Price: $ 7.99

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