Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Creation Center Children, Kids, Game

  • Download 2 FREE apps from the App Store to interact with 4 smart shape stampers
  • Snap-on play panel for more hands-on fun, without your iPad
  • Introduces shapes, colors, sorting & more
  • Clear film protects from dribbles, drool, teething & unwanted pressing of home button
  • Durable case for all generations of iPad

A Case for Creation Connect technology and playtime with a durable, sturdy case that protects your iPad from dribbles, drool, teething, and unwanted pressing of the home button. Download two free Fisher-Price apps from the App Store to interact with four smart shape stampers. Apps include sing-along songs, fun phrases and exciting animations that let baby explore shapes, sorting, colors and more. When you need your iPad, snap the play panel over the protective film to keep the hands-on play goin

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Price: $ 30.60

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