Flash Alerts Guide

  • Flash Alerts Guide
  • Flash ALERTS is Kent State’s official emergency text notification system to alert subscribers of critical information no matter what time it is or where they are in the world. Flash ALERTS expands the university’s ability to send critical news and information to the university community during campus emergencies.
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  • 12. How to Make Your iPhone Light Up When You Get a Message
  • 13. How to Make an iPhone Light Up When Somebody Calls
  • 14. How to Receive Notification When E mail Arrives
  • 15. How to Send a Flash SMS
  • 16. How to Turn Off Autoplay on Flash Drives
  • 17. How to Turn Off Outlook’s Email Notification Settings
  • 18. How to Turn off the Flashing Light on My BlackBerry
  • 19. What Do the Warning Alerts Mean on My Cobra RADAR Detector
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