Fotodiox WndPn145-NDKit-NK1424 WonderPana 145 ND Kit, 145 mm Filter Holder, Cap, ND16 and ND32 Filters for Nikon 14-24 mm AF-S Zoom Nikkor F/2.8G ED AF Lens (Black)

  • Premium Grade Anodized Aluminum WonderPana145 Core Unit
  • High Quality, Double Threaded, ND16 & ND32 Filter – Made of Optical Glass
  • 145mm x 1mm Standard Thread Enabled
  • 24 Month Manufacturer Warranty

The WonderPana is a revolutionary lens hood filter system, which allows photographers to use filters on their Super-Wide Angle (SWA) and Ultra-Wide Angle (UWA) lenses. The system helps create the right lighting balance when capturing images using your UWA and SWA by giving you the ability to use filters on certain lenses where it was not possible to do so before. The WonderPana core unit doubles as a metal hood which gives added protection to the front lens element and the plastic built-in hood

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List Price: $ 319.95

Price: $ 319.95

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