Godox GD-N3R Wireless Remote Shutter Controllor 16 Channels for Nikon D90 D3100 D5100 D7000 D800 Etc

  • 1.Exquisite and light, easy to carry.
  • 2.Remote wireless control, effective remote shutter distance(open space):30cm
  • 3.Easy to carry and operate, fashion design.Adopting AAA battery,easy to buy and economical.
  • 4.Exhausted power consumption design benefits a longer period of use;16-unique-channel supports multiple users’ environment.
  • 5.Ultra low-power consumption design benefits a longer period of use.


Power supply: 12V/23A battery(enclosed), 2xAAA batteries(enclosed)

Battery life: 1 year standby or continuous press for 20,000 times, stand by>800h

QTY of channel: 16

Remote control distance: 30m(open space)

Work indicator: Double color LED indicator

Transmitter Frequency: 433MHz

B shutter setting: Long press over 3seconds


Do not disassemble or modify

Keep dry

Do not use in the presence of flammable gas

Keep out of r

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List Price:

Price: $ 28.75

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