Gomadic Portable AA Battery Pack designed for the Motorola W385 – Powered by 4 X AA Batteries to provide Emergency charge. Built using TipExchange Technology

  • Integrated circuitry regulates output voltage specific to the Motorola W385. Advanced logic maximizes overall charger efficiency.
  • Specification: Input Voltage (4 X AA Batteries), Cable length (6 inches), Dimensions (5.0 X 1.5 X 0.75 inches), Circuit Design (Motorola W385 specific), TipExchange enabled (Yes)
  • Built using the unique Gomadic TipExchange Technology that protects your investment by providing the ability to upgrade charging ports by simply swapping physical connectors.
  • This Gomadic Battery Pack can be reused forever by simply inserting fresh batteries, providing instant power on demand.
  • Easy to operate. Simply insert batteries, toggle on/off switch and your Motorola W385 will start to charge.

There are always times when our Motorola W385 seems to run out of power at the most inopportune times. Without a conventional charging source in sight, we are often left with no recourse other than to let the battery run out. Enter the Gomadic Portable Emergency AA Battery Charger for the Motorola W385. Simply insert a fresh set of batteries into the battery pack, toggle the on/off switch and connect your Motorola W385. Instantly the device will start to charge and you will be up and running aga

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Price: $ 19.48

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