iRulu 7 inch Android Tablet PC, 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, Dual Core, Allwinner A23 CPU, Dual Cameras, 5 Point Capacitive Touch Screen, 16GB Storage -Pink

  • Connection: Speedy WiFi connection gives you access to all social network and video streaming. YouTube, Facebook, Hulu Plus, Chromecast and so on are running fascinating on this tablet. It does not LAG at all. Other than WIFI, it support 3G (3G donlge not include). You have access to the internet everywhere you get 3G.
  • Google play store and thousands free apps: Pre-installed Google play store has reached over 1.3 million apps published. You can be download hundreds of thousands of free Android game as well as OFFICE document processing, e-mail and business purpose Apps. 10.1-inch size screen is ideal for reading news and magazines. With Kindle apps downloaded from Google Play, you can get thousands of books.
  • Cute and colorful looking: This series tablets offer 8 different colors: pink, azure, blue, green, yellow, black, white and purple. You or your kids will love this little gorgeous tablets. It is a must choice.
  • Performance: X1 7 inch tablets are equipped with dual core CPU (2X1.5GHz) and 512MB RAM. Never underestimate 512MB RAM. The running score on performance is fascinating. You won’t have any lag on web browsing, gaming, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix and other video sites. You can play social media apps with ease. This series tablet is supported by Quad core GPU—Mali 400. With quad core GPU, it will offer you more fantastic and greater images, videos and gaming experiences. You can play 3G games in this tablets with these specs. The screen resolution is acceptable and you will fall in love with this economic tablets. This tablet will be a basic tablet for beginner. We have happy customers at all ages.
  • Mass storage: Compare to other tablets at this price range, this tablet has bigger storage (16GB). If the 8 gigs of memory are not enough, you also have the expandable 32 gig SD card which you can fill with all your music, videos and files that you may need to work and play even more efficiently. On top of that, you can take advantage of cloud. Google Drive gives 8 gigs of memory on your computer you fill it up and download app onto tablet. This then lets you have access to those files without downloading them to your tablet. So you now have 16 gigs original, plus 32 SD card =48 plus 16 gigs google drive=64 add in drop box app that starts off with another 2 gigs, so you easily can have access to 66 gigs of files to play with on your tablet, not even counting cloud drive or Skydrive app.

Selling Point:

1.Android 4.2 OS builds on the things people love most about Android easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, and deep interactivity, and adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing.

2.One of the most popular tablet in 2014.Good performance, handy,and with afford price. It is a great basic tablet for adults or 7-12 years kids to use for study or entertament.

3.Powerful processor and gorgeous screen. This iRul

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List Price: $ 159.99

Price: $ 46.99

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