LassoTag iBeacon – Pink: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tracking Beacon making Valuables Smarter for iOS / iPhone / iPod / iPad.

  • The LassoTag iBeacon combined with the LassoTag App (Free in iTunes – can track up to 6 valuables (6 LassoTags required); place on Bags, Coats, Purses, Keys, etc.
  • Map of your LassoTagged valuables showing their current location or their last known
  • Never Lose your valuables again with the Hot/Cold Search and Rescue. Get notified immediately when valuable is outside a 50 foot radius. Replaceable CR2032 battery keeps landfills empty and LassoTag iBeacon is Water Resistant.
  • location. Connect with ease by simply placing LassoTag next to your iPhone. Three Tiers of Alert; phone notification alert, text message alert and actual phone call from your cloud dashboard. (Choose up to 3 separate phones you want called when your treasure is left behind.) Custom Tailored – personalize your LassoTag icons with photo selections; audio alerts; Tag id name; ringtones; inventory; and reminders. !!The ONLY Apple iBeacon Certified Product on Amazon!!
  • Only Smart Tracking device with multiple color options and Temperature Gauge.

~Wouldn’t it be cool if~ Radius Alert Systems was founded on a question. Wouldn’t it be cool if my bag called my phone? My son walked away from his camera bag at the zoo. As he was telling me the story, he asked me if there was a way his camera bag could have called him when he walked away. The answer is YES! It only needs a technology upgrade.

~LassoTag iBeacons~ LassoTag is a combination of mobile software and the latest BlueTooth Low Energy (BTLE) iBeacon solutions for both the consu

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