LG Electronics AN-MR400G/H Magic Motion Remote Control with Browser Wheel for 2013 Year Smart Tvs (Worldwide use, English Keypad) also known as ANMR400. The TV remote AN-MR400 is compatible with the following LG Smart TV series.2013 LED LCD Smart TVs: 42LA6650, 47LA6900, 47LA7400, 50LA6900, 55LA6205, 55LA6900, 55LA7400, 60LA7400, EA9800, LA9700, LA9650, LM9600, EA9800, LA9650, LM9600, LA8600, LA7400, LA6900, LA6205, LA6200, 55LN5600, 60LA7400, 60PH6700, 42LA6200, 47LA6200, 50LA6200, 55LA6200, 60LA6200, 42LA6205, 47LA6205, 50LA6205, 60LA6205 LN6150, LN5750, LN5700, LN5790, LN5710, LN5600, akb73855601; 2012 LED LCD TVs: LM64, LM62, LM58, LS57 series. 2013 Plasma Smart TVs: PH6700, PN5700 series; 2012 Plasma TVs: PM97, PM67, PM47 series.

  • Magic Remote Control with Voice Mate for SELECT 2013 Smart TVs AN-MR400G (silver) akb73855601
  • The function between AN-MR400G and AN-MR400 is same at all.
  • Magie Remote Control AN-MR400G, AN-MR400 akb73855601

Magic Remote Control with Voice Mate for SELECT 2013 Smart TVs AN-MR400G (silver), AN-MR400 akb73855601. FOR COMPATIBLE 2013 LG SMART TVS.UNIVERSAL CONTROL. Point A Simple point of the LG Magic Remote toward your Smart TV moves the cursor around the screen, like a computer mouse, to choose and select what you want to watch. This is useful for just about everything, including new LG Smart TV games. Gesture LG’s Magic Remote recognizes patterns allowing you to make a simple gesture to perform comp

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