MEIKON 40m/130ft Underwater Waterproof Housing Diving Kit for Nikon D7000 Can be used with 18-55mm lens|Underwater Housing + Full Aluminium Tray|

  • FREE EXPEDITE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE 2-4 WORKING DAYS!!!High quality world class standard. Manufactory certificated: ISO9001 and CES and IPx8.
  • The case is easy in use, all the buttons work just like they would on the camera itself.
  • Ideal for diving,surfing,snorkeling,skiing,yacht or other activities. Also suitable for rainy,snowy and etc environment.
  • Aluminum Tray/Grip for Underwater Camera Housings made out of Premium Type III hard-anodizing Aluminum.
  • Dual Fiber Optic Capability!

FREE EXPEDITE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE 2-4 WORKING DAYS!!!!!!ATTENTION!!! Please remove your protection filter(if you have one equipped) before putting your camera into Underwater Housing/Case. DIVING KIT DESCRIPTION: Meikon 40m/130ft for Nikon D7000 performs all camera functions underwater as it would without the case on land. Meikon waterproof camera housings are designed for those, who are into underwater photography. Just insert your digital camera in Meikon case, and you will be able to make beau

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