Micro SIM-card / SIM Adapter / Converter for Apple, IPad / iPhone 4 (White)

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This adapter any phone, laptop or device SIM card slots can operate at full sied SIM in the iPad’s micro-SIM that can be used to change you.

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Decrescent Micro Sim Card Cutter and 2 Adapters for iPhone and iPad

  • 10 Year No Quibble Manufacturers Warranty
  • Easily and accurately cut a standard sim card into micro sim card
  • Designed to last forever, Made of high quality steel
  • 2 bonus micro-sim card adapters are included
  • Safe, Secure way of cutting your sim card

With a 10 year no quibble manufacturers warranty, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Designed as the first micro sim cutter in the world; this metal cutter allows you to safely and accurately turn your sim card into a micro sim card for use in mobiles that only support micro-sim cards, such as the Apple iPhones. Along with the cutter you also get 2 free micro-sim adaptors, allowing you to convert your micro sim card back into a normal sim card for use in other mobiles and PC tablets, such as B

Rating: (out of reviews)

List Price: $ 15.99

Price: $ 10.99

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