Movo Photo Lens Mount Cap & Body Cap for Nikon DSLR Camera

  • Body cap covers your SLR camera opening when not in use
  • Lens mount cap covers the rear mount of your lens when not in use
  • Prevents damaging effects of dust, dirt and debris from getting into the camera and onto the sensor
  • Simple, inexpensive, and vital part of protecting and maintaining your gear
  • 10 Year gurantee

The Movo Photo Lens Mount Cap is a plastic lens cap fitted for the rear of your SLR lenses. The rear lens cap is placed on the rear mount of your lens when the lens is not in use on your camera. It protects that all-important lens from scratches, dust, water and fingerprints. The Movo Photo Body Cap is simple yet vital part of safely storing and maintaining your SLR camera body. Pressing and twisting this cap on will keep dust, dirt, and debris out of the sensitive inner workings of your dev

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Price: $ 6.95

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