niceeshop(TM) Black Generic 30pin Dock Connector To USB And 3.5mm Audio Cable for iPod (Except iPod Shuffle) iPhone iPad

  • Cable length:1.2m(4 feet);Color:black
  • The length between ipod connector and the spliiter is 59cm,each cable from the splitter to the end point is 61cm
  • 1 end has a 30-pin connector that attaches to the bottom of your iPad,iPhone,or iPod
  • The other end splits into a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) stereo audio plug and a standard USB connector

Type:Non-OEM Aftermarket items.Accessory ONLY; Apple does not endorse use of these products.

Plug the audio into a home,portable,or car stereo to listen to high quality,line-out audio.

Plug the USB into a computer or wall charger to charge the iPad,iPhone,or iPod while listening for hours.

USB Line Out Dock Cable lets you get high-quality line out audio from the dock connector of your iPad,iPhone,or iPod while charging Technical Specification.

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