Passive 3D Movie & TV Glasses – Unisex – Black / Orange – For Reald Cinema Use and Passive 3D TVs Such As LG “Cinema 3D” and Philips “Easy 3D- Circularly Polarized – Microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth included

  • Microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth included
  • Thick lenses for fewer scratches and less reflection than most cinema glasses
  • High quality through years of experience – more high-quality 3D glasses from Schleiter & Jauernig available
  • compatible with: “RealD” cinemas, LG “Cinema 3D”, PHILIPS “Easy 3D” and other passive circularly polarized TVs from FINLUX, SONY and TOSHIBA
  • Passive 3D glasses – NO active shutter glasses – please look at compatibility list. press “ctrl” + “f” for quick searching for your TV. COMPATIBILITY LIST :****LG – CINEMA 3D****: 55EA980W 55EM970V 42LA613V 47LA613V 32LA620V 42LA620V 47LA620V 50LA620V 55LA620V 60LA620V 42LA640V 47LA640V 55LA640V 42LA641V 47LA641V 55LA641V 42LA660V 47LA660V 50LA660V 55LA660V 42LA690V 47LA690V 55LA690V 42LA740V 47LA740V 55LA740V 60LA740V 47LA790W 55LA790W 42LA860W 47LA860W 55LA860W 60LA860W 55LA970W 65LA970W 47LD920 32LM620T 37LM620T 42LM620T 47LM620T 55LM620T 65LM620T 42LM640T 47LM640T 55LM640T 42LM660T 47LM660T 55LM660T 32LM669T 42LM669T 47LM669T 42LM670T 47LM670T 55LM670T 42LM760T 47LM760T 55LM760T 47LM860V 55LM860V 47LM960V 55LM960V 84LM960V 32LM3400 42LM3400 42LM3450 32LW450U 42LW450U 47LW450U 55LW450U 42LW540U 47LW540U 42LW550T 47LW550T 55LW550T 42LM615T 42LW650T 47LW650T 55LW650T 47LW980T 55LW980T 42LW5500 ****PHILIPS – EASY 3D****: 32PFL6007T 42PFL6007T 47PFL6007T 55PFL6007T 32PDL7906T 42PDL7906T 37PFL7606T 55PFL7606T 50PFL7956T 37PFL7666T ****FINLUX****: 47F7010 32F7020-T 42F7020-D 32H7072-DT 42S7080 55S7090-T 47S9080-T 47S9100-T 55S9100-T ****PANASONIC****: TX-L47WT65B TX-L55WT65B TX-L42DT65B TX-L47DT65B TX-L50DT65B TX-L55DT65B TX-L60DT65B TX-L42FT60B TX-L47FT60B TX-L42ET60B TX-L47ET60B TX-L50ET60B TX-L55ET60B TX-L32ET5B TX-L37ET5B TX-L42ET5B TX-L47ET5B TX- L55ET5B ****SONY****: KDL-50W685A KDL-42W805A KDL-47W805A KDL-55W805A KDL-42W807A KDL-47W807A KDL-55W807A KD-55X9005A KD-65X9005A KD-84X9005 ****TOSHIBA****: 42VL863B 47VL863B 42VL963B 47VL963F 47WL968B 55WL968B

3D Glasses for TV and Cinema – suitable for him and her

These high quality 3D glasses are the perfect addition to your passive 3D TV or 3D cinema visit. They impress with their combination of elegance and sportiness, and are comfortable to wear. The somewhat wider frame counteracts the scattered light which can cause unwanted reflections in the lenses.

We deliver these glasses with a microfiber glasses pouch and a microfiber cleaning cloth, both in the dimensions 18cm x 9cm. With the pouch, yo

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