Qossi Waterproof Iphone Case – Incredibly Easy to Seal Securely – Compatible with All Iphone Models (Including Iphone 6 Plus), Samsung, Htc, Sony, Nokia – All Phones/phablets/ipods/cameras up to 7″ Diagonal – Protects Your Phone Against Water, Dirt, Sand, Mud, Salt Water and Worse – Protect Your Iphone While Water Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Boating (Or Just Facebooking in the Shower) – Ipx8 Certified for up to 98 Ft/30 M Black

  • When your Qossi Beach Bag waterproof phone case arrives, you won’t be able to resist testing it. Our customers have found that if you put a piece of paper towel in this case, it stays dry even after an hour under water…
  • You can check out what’s new on Facebook, reply to an email or operate the camera even under water or in bright sun – our specially designed Crystal Clear windows on both sides are 100% touchscreen compatible and don’t produce extra glare… Plus, the Crystal Clear windows do not get in the way of your camera lens, so your underwater pictures will be crispy clear!
  • Your smartphone WILL fit – Qossi Beach Bag is compatible with any smartphone (including the new iPhone 6+) up to 7″ diagonal
  • You won’t lose your phone or your credit cards and keys no matter how crazy it gets. Just use the included extra pouch to store them, and affix your Qossi case to your hand using the included heavy duty lanyard!
  • When you order your Qossi Beach Bag waterproof phone case today, your purchase is fully protected by our no frills 100% satisfaction warranty.

What’s the first thing 99% of our customers do with their brand new Qossi Beach Bag waterproof phone case? They test it to make sure it’s every bit as good as we say it is. That makes sense. After all, if you’re about to take your expensive smartphone and jump in the pool to take awesome underwater pictures while listening to iTunes, you need to be sure that not a drop of water will get through. Here’s how you’ll make sure your Qossi case is 100% watertight. First, rip off a piece of paper towel

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