Red Candy VG Compact Semi Hard Protective Camera Case for Nikon Coolpix S01 / S3300 / S4300 / S4100 / S3100 / S80 / S5100 / S3000 / S4000 / S1000pj / S70 / S640 / S620 / S230 / S220 / S560 / S610 / S52c / S550 Point & Shoot Digtal Cameras + SumacLife TM Wisdom Courage Wristband

  • Stylish lightweight VG Brand camera case // Dimensions 4 X 2.5 X 0.9 inches
  • Prevents unnecessary bumps, dents, and scratches from accumulating on your camera
  • Mesh pocket allows you to carry small accessories such as batteries and memory cards
  • INLCUDES!!! Clip-On Carbineer allows your latch this case to your bag or belt loop
  • INCLUDES!!! SuamcLife TM Wisdom Courage Wristband

Keep your compact digital camera protected when you’re on the go with our VG Camera Case. This case features a fitted design for a secure fit and soft and a soft, cushioned interior that provided your digital camera maximum protection against bumps, dents, and scratches. The interior mesh pocket allows you to carry accessories such batteries and memory cards along-side your camera for convenience on the go. The clip-on carbineer allows you to easily latch this case to your bag, backpack, or belt

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Price: $ 6.99

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