Samsung B5722 CROCFOL HD Anti-Shock Screen Protector – with HIGH PRECISION CAMERA and SPEAKER CUTOUT / Made in Germany / Best and Seamless Glass Screen Protection against ACCIDENTAL SCRATCHES, IMPACTS, BUMPS AND DROPS / Easy, Bubble-Free and Dust-Free Application due to ANTI-STATIC PROPERTY

  • ESSENTIAL PROTECTION – Our Anti-Shock Film provides an extremely reliable Ultra-Strong Protection against Accidental and Tough Scratches, Impacts, Bumps and Drops, whilst maintaining Highly effective Display Experience.
  • KEY FEATURES – Our Anti Static and Self-Healing High-Quality Screen protector is made out of extremely resistant material composition with Scratch Proof and Shock-Absorbing surface. Engineered for exceptional circumstances and high strains. Water repellent (hydrophobic).
  • MADE IN GERMANY – Our products are designed, engineered and manufactured with passion and commitment. We always use only the best materials available for our Screen Guards. For example, the adhesion of all of our films is five times stronger than the average alternative screen protector, and it’s easily removable without leaving any residue.
  • ADVANCED ACCOMPLISHMENTS – Our expertise and capabilities are based on over a decade of development and innovation, working in close partnerships and providing solutions across different industries.
  • ASSURANCE AND CONFIDENCE – We are official Screen Protectors Test Winners of CONNECT magazine, Europe’s number ONE Telecommunications publication, as well as approved and recommended multiple times by leading experts. Millions of customers believe and trust in our high standard products.

COMPATIBILITY: Samsung B5722Why Screen Protection?The replacement of a scratched or broken display is expensive. We understand that your precious device deserves the right protection.There are countless numbers of Screen Protectors available today. We are dedicated to offering uncompromising and reputable German quality screen protection.Who are CROCFOL?We are one of the world’s leading specialists in developing and manufacturing of highly durable and bespoke screen protectors, for virtually all

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