Ultra-high Gain GPS Antenna for Verizon Network Extender for Business with 100′ Ultra Low-loss Cable. Perfect Solution for Offices Hospitals & Shools That Need GPS Signal for Network Extender!

  • Amplified (active) GPS antenna for exceptional GPS signal reception.
  • State-of-art low noise amplifier, fully weather proof, compact construction.
  • Double threaded bolts and through holes for cable routing with course and fine treaded pitch locking and lock-nut.
  • Detachable cable/connector for easy mount, rubber-O-ring between top radome and screw base for waterproof. Bulkhead mount with 0.8 inch threaded wing nut.

Gilsson Technologies Ultra-high gain GPS antenna with ultra-low loss cable delivers strong GPS signal to Verizon Network Extender, it increases accuracy of GPS system in even the most demanding outdoor environments! Your Verizon Network Extender requires GPS signal to activate, so why not ensure that you are making the most of your investment?

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Price: $ 220.00

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